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Varnasrama Compendium Vol. 1 - The Varnas — e-book

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Devotional service is most easy and most effective when practitioners are situated in the mode of goodness. By practising bhakti in goodness, devotees can quickly rise to the transcendental platform, where the good qualities of demigods spontaneously manifest. Varṇāśrama for devotees is about helping them come to the mode of goodness. When we cultivate the qualities and follow the duties of our varṇās and āśramas, then we are graced by the mode of goodness and the benefits it bestows upon us. This handbook hopes to extend and strengthen the values by which devotees live, work, play, and worship, as well as offering principles to resolve leading ethical and behavioural issues.

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Also available in printed format.

Sample chapter from the book.


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